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Survey Guidelines

1. We will come to your property at the arranged time with appropriate PPE eg. mask, gloves ,hand sanitiser.

2. If you tell us which room is required and leave the door open we will take measurements of the room.

3. We will discus with yourselves from a safe distance what you require and come up with a design.

4. We will show you samples of finishes and handles which if possible only we will touch.

5. We will provide you with a Price on the day

6. We will return to our office where we will produce a Computer image of your design and formal Quotation, which we will either Email or post to yourselves.  

Installation Guidelines


1. Our fitter will arrive on the arranged day as per our fitting notification letter, with appropriate PPE

2. If you could please have moved as many items as possible, preferably emptied the room and leave the door and windows open so no cross contamination can occur.

3. He will knock on the door and stand back.

4. If you could please answer the door and tell him which room he is working in. 

5. He will procede to unload the van and then install your room.

6. If you could please stay elsewhere in the property whilst he is working to ensure as little interaction as possible.

7. Once he has finished installing the room he will wipe all the handles in your new room with anti bac wipes.

8. He will notify you that he has finished and let you inspect the finished job

9. When satisfied payment can be made by BACS or over the phone to the office to ensure contactless payment.

10. If you could please give the finished wardrobes, draws etc. a wipe down prior to filling / using to avoid cross contamination.